3 In 1 Digital Jump Rope

3 In 1 Digital Jump Rope

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DIGITAL JUMP ROPE DESCRIPTION: History has it that the fastest means to burn belly fat, arm fat, thigh fat and keep fit is with the Mapia 3 in 1 digital jump rope. Why wonder how many times you have jumped, how many calories burnt and the time spent jumping when the Mapia digital jump rope can do all that for you? Technology has made life easy for us, why make life difficult for yourself?

ARM FAT BURNER BALLS DESCRIPTION: Our 2 in 1 digital arm fat burner balls burns arm fat naturally and faster than anything you can ever imagine; at the office, gym, picnics, while you watch TV, read magazines, have family time, etc. Burn that arm fat in a week… consistency is key.


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1 review for 3 In 1 Digital Jump Rope

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