3 In 1 Digital Jump Rope

3 In 1 Digital Jump Rope



DIGITAL JUMP ROPE DESCRIPTION: History has it that the fastest means to burn belly fat, arm fat, thigh fat and keep fit is with the Mapia 3 in 1 digital jump rope. Why wonder how many times you have jumped, how many calories burnt and the time spent jumping when the Mapia digital jump rope can do all that for you? Technology has made life easy for us, why make life difficult for yourself?

ARM FAT BURNER BALLS DESCRIPTION: Our 2 in 1 digital arm fat burner balls burns arm fat naturally and faster than anything you can ever imagine; at the office, gym, picnics, while you watch TV, read magazines, have family time, etc. Burn that arm fat in a week… consistency is key.


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Weight 1 kg


  • It keeps track of your progress by counting the number of jumps, number of calories burnt and the time spent jumping
  • It burns belly and abdominal fat by creating tension around the upper section and sculpting the abdominal muscles (abs)
  • It slows down your aging process
  • It burns excess fat from the arms, thighs and legs
  • It Improves flexibility, stamina, mental health and heart health
  • It keeps you looking young and healthy
  • It has a large screen count, intelligent memory and is very easy to setup
  • It comes with an extra battery and tools to change the battery whenever it is necessary


ASSEMBLING: Unpack the rope and the handle from the box. Take one end of the rope, insert it into the 1st hole and pass it back into the second hole. Repeat the same thing for the second handle. This allows you to set the rope to your desired length.

Same setting goes for the arm fat burner balls.

OPERATION: There are four function keys:

  • ON – It serves as a boot and reset key
  • SET – This places it in set up mode. This way you can input values into the screen. The “W” stands for weight, “L” for number of cycles, “T” for time spent and “C” for number of calories burnt.
  • UP – This allows you scroll to select higher values
  • DOWN (DN) – This allows you scroll to select lower values

Power the digital handle by pressing the “on button”. Customize your weight by pressing the set key and then use the up or down key to set up your weight for a more accurate calories count.

To perform unlimited number of jumps, after setting your weight, just start jumping and the meter will keep recording your progress for all the parameters.

To perform a limited/specific number of measured/timed/programmed jumps, press the set key repeatedly to navigate through other parameters on the screen, set the values you want (e.g. @W=70KG, T= 05:00mins, L= 70) then start jumping. Once the time or number of jumps have been exhausted, the timer begins to beep, then you can reset it and start all over.

Same procedure applies to the arm fat burner balls. Fix the rope into the digital handle, set it up and start swinging the balls and burn that arm fat.



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