Diet Protein Shake (Meal Replacement)

Diet Protein Shake (Meal Replacement)


With the Mapia Plant-based Diet Protein Shake, you do not need to starve yourself and look sick whilst striving to lose weight, because it contains the right amount of protein your body requires to keep you full all day long while giving you healthy and glowing skin. All the food supplements you seek in processed foods, pounded yam, pizza, burger, rice, chicken, etc. are incorporated into our diet protein shake. The fun part is that every single fat component has been completely extracted, leaving you with the proteins, fiber, minerals and vitamins you require to stay fit and keep your tummy full day long while you burn unwanted excess fat.  So why go about consuming processed fat-filled foods when you can get all your body requires to stay healthy in its purest form from our plant-based Diet Protein Shake.


Banana Powder, whey protein isolate (Milk), whey protein concentrate, soya protein isolate, inulin powder, milk protein, milk protein concentrate (80% casein 20% whey), flaxseed power, CLA Powder, Multi-Vitamin blend, Nicotinic acid, sweetener etc

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  • Our diet protein shake keeps you full all day long by getting rid of unnecessary cravings, stimulating the appetite-reducing hormones (Leptin) and reducing the hormones responsible for hunger sensation (ghrelin)
  • It serves as a very high source of energy, which replenishes and sustains the body during your day to day activities and even during very strenuous workout sessions
  • It contains all dietary requirements and acts as a perfect replacement for the meals you cut down during your weight loss diet plan
  • It has high antioxidant properties which help to reduce inflammations
  • It is safe for lactating mothers
  • Proteins act as the basis for bone, muscle and skin growth which fosters recovery after exercise, while simultaneously giving you a healthy glowing skin
  • It comes in 4 different flavors; vanilla, strawberry, banana & chocolate, to suit your unique taste

How to Use

Take 2 scoops of your mapia plant-based diet protein shake, put it in your mapia rechargeable and portable mixer (blender) or shake bottle, add 200mls of water, and blend or shake well, then drink. To create a longer feeling of satisfaction, you can mix the diet shake with, oat, pap, fruits and vegetables. Use this as a meal replacement at any time of the day and it will leave you feeling full and energized for a very long time.

NOTE: Our plant-based diet protein shake can be used in conjunction with our flat tummy tea to help you lose stubborn belly fat. It can also be used with our slimming tea for general bodyweight loss.


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