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Product Description

Our stylish, beautiful and affordable infusers are used to brew your loose teas to give you a stronger, cleaner and smoother tea. Your lose tea pack is made to last for 3 to 4 weeks, however, with the help of the infuser, it can last for 6 to 7 weeks, thereby helping you make savings.

Weight 1 kg


  • Instantly filters your tea while brewing it thereby making it easier to drink
  • The holes are designed extremely small to ensure that all your tea leaves remain within the ball and you have no content floating in the tea
  • Comprises of silicon rubber and stainless steel ball that is stylish, heat resistant, and completely food safe
  • The potency of the loose tea leaves are optimized to the fullest and it lasts longer because you get to use a portion 2 to 3 times before disposing of it
  • It comes with a matching tray that prevents the content from dripping and creating a mess.

How to Use

Pour fresh water into a kettle and heat up to the required temperature. Add your desired measurement of your favorite loose tea into the infuser and place the infuser into the teacup. Add the hot water over the infuser and steep based on the specific instructions.

Remove the infuser from your teacup and strain till most of the liquid is out then place the infuser on the tray base and store it in the fridge to be used later. Each serving should be disposed of after two or three times of usage.


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