Slimming Tea (Revenge Body)

Slimming Tea (Revenge Body)

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Slimming Tea

Revenge Body Slimming tea is the finest brew of carefully selected herbal tea leaves; a result of years of research and testing of Different herbal roots, gotten from different countries.

Revenge body Slimming tea is a General weight loose tea that helps you burn excess body fat all over the body.

Best results can be achieved when used with the mapia diet protein shake (meal replacement).



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Product Description

Our revenge body slimming tea helps you burn excess fat all over your body. Have you ever felt the need to press the reset button on your system once in a while? For us, looking all trim while maintaining a healthy gut is our topmost priority. Our bodies are exposed to toxins at every point in time – from environmental pollution, free radicals, processed foods, carbonated drinks and different kinds of unhealthy fat on a daily basis. Our two-in-one revenge body slimming tea naturally detoxifies your system and burns excess fat all over your body at the same time.

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  • The slimming tea eradicates and burns excess fat stored all over the body by converting lipids (fat) to energy for the body
  • Prevents excess calories from getting stored as fat in the body by flushing out excesses that have not been metabolized into energy
  • Faster and better results are achieved when the slimming tea is used in conjunction with the diet protein shake (meal replacement)

Our teas are carefully hand sourced from the finest tea leaves to create an outstanding perfect blend. Each premium ingredient is targeted towards giving you your healthiest and happiest lifestyle.

How to Use

Drink your revenge body slimming tea first thing in the morning and last thing before you go to bed.

Take a teaspoon of your tea, add it into your infuser or tumbler, add hot water to it and allow it steep for 2 to 5 minutes then your tea is ready to drink. The longer you allow it to steep, the more effective the tea will be. If you are just starting out, steep for 2 to 5 minutes and as you continue, gradually increase the steeping time.

Add lemon or honey as a natural sweetener if needed (optional)

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  1. Joy Lekara

    I love mapia tea so much

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