29 Steel Bone 3 In 1 Double Up Waist Trainer

29 Steel Bone 3 In 1 Double Up Waist Trainer

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This comes in the form of an invisible hook with a zip and two detachable straps (for emphasis on the upper and lower belly fat). It is very effective for workout sessions as it helps burn upper and lower belly fat faster, giving you a more defined figure. The moment you take off the detachable straps, your waist trainer becomes completely invisible to the naked eyes and you can wear it under your tight outfits to the club, work outfits or native attires.

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  • The detachable straps target and burn the upper and lower belly fat
  • This leads to instant loss of two to five inches from the waistline with additional attention on the upper and lower belly fat
  • It is designed to resist very high strain and pressure which makes it fit for exercise
  • Ideal for the dropping/ falling belly fat above the pubic line
  • Increases thermal activity resulting in increased perspiration rate and eventual weight loss
  • Causes slight compression of the abdominal cavity resulting in food portion control
  • Corrects bad posture, snatches your waistline and defines your curves
  • It becomes invisible when you take off the straps and gives a perfect fitting to your outfits

NOTE: Please take a measurement of your waistline slightly above your belly button and use our size chart to find your perfect fit. Always go for the ones that are one inches below your actual size.

How to Use

GENERAL INSTRUCTION: Place the Bottom (last hook) of your waist trainer above your belly button. Beginning from the base, start buckling the waist trainer all the way up. Pull it downwards to cover your lower abdomen simultaneously as you fix the rest of the hook. Ensure that the last part of your waist trainer corresponds with the base of your abdomen and the first part underneath your breast.

SPECIFIC INSTRUCTION: After closing up the hooks, carefully align the zip and pull it up. Fasten the shorter strap on the upper part of your abdomen and the longer strap around your lower abdomen to your desired and convenient tightness. This type is perfect for all kinds of physical exercises you would want to do especially with the digital skipping rope which speeds up abdominal weight loss.

4 reviews for 29 Steel Bone 3 In 1 Double Up Waist Trainer

  1. Precious

    Very good

  2. Precious

    So good

  3. Victoria Christian

    I love your product

  4. Victoria Christian

    I love your product and I pray it works for me

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